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Daily Rituals For Combination Skin
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Combination skin represents two opposite ends of the skincare spectrum. The majority of people fit into this category and have a T-Zone that is oily and cheeks and eye area that are dry. The unique formulation challenge with this skin type is to provide necessary hydration to the dry areas while balancing the oily ones. This collection includes the Microderm Cleanser, Lemon Lime Freshner, and Daily Defense Light.

Daily Rituals For Oily Skin Collection
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Oily skin types will benefit from daily use of these four products. Skin Detoxifying Cleanser in conjunction with Skin Detoxifying Toner and Daily Defense Oil Free SPF15, will cleanse, tone, help to unclog pores and control oil, for a naturally balanced complexion. Plus enjoy the Make Me Matte Invisible Powder which will keep oil and shine away all day long for a clear complexion.

Papaya Brightening System
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This collection of highly effective products offers a ritual to purify, polish, and nourish your skin. Contains Papaya Cleanser, Toner, and Papaya Brightening Polish. Papaya Cleanser: High-tech breakthrough foams on contact to cleanse and smooth skin, while natural fragrance livens the senses. Enriched with exfoliating papaya (papain) enzymes, it completely removes debris both on the surface and deep within the pores. Cucumber and kiwi extracts help improve circulation and tone. Leaves skin...