An alcohol free toner with Papaya Extract that cleanses, freshens and stimulates the skin.

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    An alcohol-free, delighfully refreshing papaya (papain) toner infused with natural enzymes. Exfoliates and refines skin surface texture for a smoother, clearer look. Best prepares the skin for moisturizer while it balances the PH. Recommended for all skin types.

    Use morning and night after cleansing. Apply with cotton ball and wipe entire face and neck.

    Papain – A Papaya Enzyme with the ability to dissolve keratin. This is a gentle exfoliant. Papain can be irritating to the skin.

    Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Leaf Extract – Considered having astringent, antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, stimulating, softening, invigorating and healing properties.

    Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) – Considered the most important oil-soluble antioxidant and free radical scavenger. As a moisturizer Vitamin E is well absorbed through the skin while improving the appearance of rough, dry and damanged skin.

    Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) – A skin conditioner, this retinoid is considered a milder version of retinoic acid, given its conversion properties. Once in the skin, it converts to retinol, which in turn converts to retinoic acid. It is credited with increasing epidermal thickness, stimulating the production of more epidermal protein and increasing skin elasticity.

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    Great to use with the matching cleanser. Love the scent! Very calming.